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ConvenienceA few days ago, we were asked “What is the reason for Meliorem to exist, what value does it provide, how will you describe it in 20 years’ time?” This was the quintessential “Who are We?” question and its answer defines the core of the firm.

We are a convenience enabler!! Much like a Chef, who takes a bunch of raw vegetables and converts them into an amazing, mouth-watering meal. Meliorem picks the most suitable technologies for a business problem and assembles them into an Enterprise solution.”

Comparing our high tech innovations firm to a Chef might not win any favors with our marketing team but at its simplest that is the core value of Meliorem – its reason to exist.

With Moore’s law driving the technology advancements forward exponentially and millennials adopting newer technology at an unforeseen pace, it is but natural that a wide variety of technology products are being produced at feverish pace to satisfy an insatiable appetite. Technology vendors have less time-to-market available and compatibility is first to be sacrificed, perfect example would be the iPhone 7 – you can’t use the standard, based on decades old design, headphone jack anymore.

Meliorem Solutions, in Latin means ‘Optimal’ Solutions. We strive to understand the multitude of newer technologies and find the best way to make them work with related systems. Making it convenient for our clients to adopt newer technologies while removing the pain of getting them to work with existing systems and platforms.

We foresee increasing value and influence of technical convenience enablers like Meliorem. As the complexity and variety of technology products continues to increase, there is an ever growing need for convenience enablers to ease the transition from old tech to new tech. It is also important that the user base is trained and eager to adopt the new technology.

ChefGiven the enormity of this task, Meliorem doesn’t see other service providers as competitors but as valuable partners. Same belief is reciprocated by our amazing partners – Software Vendors, Professional Services firms and Third Party application developers. We don’t come to the table with just our expertise but with the full & enthusiastic support of our partners, many of which are Fortune 100 firms. This allows us to expand beyond value-add professional services to become true technology partners of our clients.

To go back to the food analogy, we are your personal chef. Sure, you can cook a good meal by yourself but a personal chef can cook an amazing meal to your taste while you focus on more important things. And let’s admit it, everyone loves a personal chef!!

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